Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tide Watchers, Grab Your Cameras!

From Tampa Bay Estuary Program:

Tide Watchers, Grab Your Cameras!

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program invites you to participate in a photo-documentary project to capture images of flooding during the upcoming "king tides" as a way to call attention to the potential impacts of rising seas on our shorelines and communities.
During the last week of October, Tampa Bay is anticipating high, or "King," tides of more than two feet. King tides occur when the moon and sun align on one side of the Earth and their gravitational forces combine to create extraordinarily high tides. While these tides are completely natural occurrences, they provide us with a sneak peak of what our landscape will have to contend with in the coming years as the sea level continues to rise.
Water levels in the bay have risen an average of one inch per decade since the 1950s, and scientists expect that rate to accelerate in the future. We are asking you to help us envision a future with higher water levels by taking photos of our coastline, flooded roads, full pipes and ponds and anything else you can find that will be affected by the rising waters this October.
We are being joined in this unique citizen monitoring effort by our sister NEPs in Sarasota Bay and Charlotte Harbor.
E-mail your photos to fltidewatch@yahoo.com

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