Wednesday, October 1, 2008

15th Annual Monofilament Clean Up

15th Annual Monofilament Clean Up
Saturday, October 25th

Did you know?
Bay and the Gulf coast are home to some of the most important bird nesting colonies in the state of Florida . Audubon of Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries monitors 50,000 breeding pairs of birds of 25 different species, many of which are endangered, threatened or species of special concern.  
  Although many of the nesting and roosting sites are protected or closed to the public, monofilament fishing line often accumulates in these areas and birds unnecessarily die. Anglers may snag their line on mangrove trees and discard it there. Birds hooked at fishing piers can drag the monofilament back to roosting sites or even weave it in their nests, endangering both adults and young.  If the monofilament enters the water it can indiscriminately kill fish, dolphins, and manatees.  Read below to find ways you can help reduce the buildup of monofilament fishing line in our coastal areas.


Tampa Bay 's wildlife needs your help!  Coordinated with Audubon of Florida, Tampa Bay Watch is seeking volunteer boaters to participate in a monofilament fishing line clean up at bird nesting islands around Tampa Bay . Volunteers will remove snarled fishing line from mangroves and shorelines at sites close to home.


Who: Volunteers with boats or kayaks


When & Where: Boaters will receive a packet indicating your islands to clean; just go out anytime on Saturday, October 25th. 


Reservations are required.  If you would like to participate, please fill out and return the form below to Rachel at  


  (To return this via email, highlight the table, then copy and paste it into a new email.)


15th Annual Monofilament Clean Up










Area where you launch your boat:


Boat size & draft:



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