Monday, February 3, 2014

Can you name this fish?

Here's a photo of that fish we caught in Dude Lake in Little Manatee River State Park that we were unable to identify. If anyone finds a resource with the correct ID, please leave a comment so we can add it to the resources section. I sent an email to Ranger Kate to see if she can identify it as well.
photo credit: Dale Meyer
I've uploaded the photos I've been taking of the class to the FMNP Flickr site. If anyone else has taken photos and is interested in adding them, you are invited to open a free Flickr account and add them to the group or email them to me and I'll upload them for you. My email limits the size to a total of just 25mb so photos may have to be resized to get it to go through.

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  1. From Tom Champeau, Director; Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management

    Looks like an everglades pygmy sunfish (Elassoma evergladei). They are fairly common in Tampa Bay drainage river and creeks. They like dense habitat of vegetation, woody debris, and mud bottom.


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