Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evolution in the Marine Environment

From COSEE listserv:

Join us for another COSEE-West online workshop!
Evolution in the Marine Environment
November 1-19, 2010

FREE 3-week online workshop offered by COSEE-West and the College of Exploration.
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Krug, California State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Krug is a scientist, educator, and an engaging presenter who enjoys sharing the excitement and challenges of investigating evolutionary processes. He will share cutting edge research on evolution. The workshop provides content on evolution, resources, lesson plans, and discussion rooms. He and his grad students will answer questions online, weekdays.

It is free and available 24-7. Log on anytime to see the lectures, investigate the resources, ask questions, and try out activities. Each week will have a new presentation and new resources, and you can join discussions throughout the workshop.

Week One
Evolutionary Biology: A story of thinkers, adventurers, and the history of life on earth

Week Two
Evolution and Fisheries Management: Gone fishing or fishing gone?

Week Three
Sperm Behavior: A key to the past and future of the Californian abalone
(evolution in action in the marine environment)

More info? See: http://www.coexploration.org/cosee_west/fall2010/

Optional credit: Professional Development Credit is available. You can choose to earn professional development credit for the course from California State University, Fullerton for $100.00.

See you online!
COSEE-West Online Workshop Team

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