Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camp Bayou FMNP Uplands Module 2011

Florida Master Naturalist Program- Uplands Module
At the Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center
2011 Highlights

Dolly Cummings, Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center Manager
Richard Sullivan, Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve Manager
Rob Heath, Senior Ecologist, Wildlands Conservation, Inc.
Special guest presenter (FMNP Master graduate): George Shambaugh, PhD., Entomology

Course Schedule
January 22, 2011, Saturday, 8am-4pm
Introduction, overview, requirements
Video- Upland Habitats in the Modern Human Society
Presentations: Ecology, Upland Hardwoods, Herps
Orientation walk/pick a segment
discussion/interpretive practice

January 29, 2011, Saturday, 8am-4pm
Video- Scrub, Prarie, Range
Presentations- Scrub, Birds 1 & 2 with Rob
Field Trip- Golden Aster Scrub Preserve with Rob
discussion/interpretive practice

February 5, 2011, Saturday, 8am-4pm
Video- Upland Hardwoods
Presentations- Interpretation,Inverts 1 & 2 with George
Field Trip- Bullfrog Creek Mitigation Preserve
discussion/interpretive practice

February 12, 2011, Saturday, 8am-4pm
Video- Pinelands
Presentations- Pines, Mammals, Ethics
Field Trip- Cockroach Bay Preserve Uplands Restoration with Richard
discussion/interpretive practice

February 19, 2011, Saturday, 8am-4pm
Interpretive tour/discussion, final projects, graduation

Pre-registration required- visit for information and registration form.


  1. Dolly, I would love to be able to join in this class, but don't see the registration information on the Master Naturalist website for these dates!

  2. It takes a few days to process the posting on the Master Naturalist site. Check back in a couple days. I posted the schedule here on this blog at the same time I submitted it to but it doesn't get automatically uploaded.


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