Thursday, December 17, 2009

Camp Bayou FMNP Wetlands Module

Florida Master Naturalist Program- Wetlands Module

At the Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center


Dolly Cummings, Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center Manager

Richard Sullivan, Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve Manager

Special guest presenters (FMNP Master graduates):

Course Schedule

February 6, 2010, Saturday, 8am-4pm

Introduction, overview, requirements

Video: Society and Wetlands

Presentations: Ecology, Woody Plants,

Orientation walk/pick a segment

Field Trip- Restoration w/ Richard Sullivan, Cockroach Bay

discussion/interpretive practice

February 13, 2010, Saturday, 8am-4pm

Video: Swamps

Presentations: Invertebrates, Wetland birds 1 & 2

Field Trip- Canoe trip around island

discussion/interpretive practice

February 20, 2010, Saturday, 8am-4pm

Video: Rivers, Lakes and Springs

Presentations: Interpretation Fish, Herbaceous plants,

Field Trip- Little Manatee River State Park north trail

discussion/interpretive practice

February 27, 2010, Saturday, 8am-4pm

Video: Marsh

Presentations: Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Ethics

discussion/interpretive practice

March 6, 2010, Saturday, 8am-4pm

Interpretive practice/discussion, final projects, graduation

Pre-registration required- visit for information and registration form.

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