Friday, April 10, 2009

Florida Forever in Jeopardy

From: "William Lorenzen" <>
Date: April 10, 2009 11:42:06 AM EDT
Subject: Zero Funding to Match ELAPP /FL Legislature Killing Florida Forever by Eliminating All Funds - Call to Action

Hello Friends of ELAPP and Florida Forever,

Most the conservation land that Hillsborough County*s Environmental
Lands Acquisition and Protection Program [ELAPP] has purchased has been
matched at about a 50% contribution rate by the State*s Florida
Forever program.  This has allowed our local ELAPP dollars to go twice
as far toward preserving so many special places right here in our own

Currently the Florida Senate and House of Representatives are
essentially eliminating Florida Forever.  The current state budget
drafts includes absolutely ZERO funding for Florida Forever.  If history
is any guide programs that are zeroed out in a given year do not
reemerge in future budgets.

Please contact your Florida Senate and House Representatives and
respectfully request that the Florida Forever Program be fully funded.

Note: You may have heard that Governor Crist supports Florida Forever
and vetoed the defunding of Florida Forever.  This is true of the
current budget that ends June 30.  However the legislature is currently
working on the next budget.  If a program is never allotted any funding
the Governor is powerless to use the veto pen related to an item that
has not been appropriated any funding.

Local representatives can be found at:  and 

Key legislators that need to hear from us are:

Senate President Jeff Atwater, 850-487-5100,
Senator JD Alexander, 850-487-5044, 
Senator Jim King, Jr., 850-487-5030, 
Senator Ken Pruitt, 850-487-5088, 
Senator Lee Constantine 850-487-5050,

House Speaker Larry Cretul, 850-488-1450,
Representative Dean Cannon, 850-488-2742,
Representative Ralph Poppell, 850-488-3006,
Representative Marcelo Llorente, 850-488-5047,

Remember, this is a non-partisan issue.  We need to be respectful but
assertive with our communications.  Our legislators are facing tough
choices, but total elimination is not equitable.  Other programs are
facing cuts, but are not being eliminated.

Please see the attached press release showing statewide voter support
for Florida Forever


William Lorenzen

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