Friday, February 13, 2009

FWF Applauds Denial of Landfill Near Green Swamp

Florida Wildlife Federation Applauds Denial of Landfill Near Green Swamp

State Department of Environmental Protection officials today shot down bid to build a landfill near Green Swamp over fears it would harm the environment.

TALLAHASSEE, FL -The Florida Wildlife Federation applauds action taken today by the Department of Environmental Protection, to deny a solid waste permit to build a landfill in Dade City near the Green Swamp. The DEP rightly concluded that there was not adequate assurance the landfill would be constructed to prevent negative impacts as a result of the geology of the area, especially in the event of a sinkhole opening that could leak into area water supplies.

"The site would be too close to the Green Swamp, a vast area from which four major rivers flow and is home to abundant wildlife", said Federation President, Manley Fuller.

"We just think the site was not well suited for that kind of land use, especially given the geology of the area, the occurrence of sinkholes and therefore the potential for impacting drinking water that supplies much of central Florida," Fuller said.

"We applaud the DEP and the Governor for their leadership on this, and we know these are hard decisions. But in the end, we think they were right to put the long term sustainability of Florida's water resources and natural habitat first," he added. The site is within a mile of the Green Swamp, and it's in an area that state geologists say has a moderate risk for sinkholes. If the landfill leaks, there is the potential that toxic muck could reach drinking water, according to a report by the Florida Geological Survey.

About Florida Wildlife Federation: The Florida Wildlife Federation is a private, statewide, non-profit citizens' conservation education organization composed of thousands of concerned Floridians and other citizens from all walks of life who have a common interest in preserving, managing, and improving Florida's fish, wildlife, soil, water, and plant life.

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