Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NCLI Headed to House Vote - Act Now!




NCLI Headed to House Vote

Please email your House member to urge support!


The No Child Left Inside Act of 2008 is expected to receive a final vote in the House of Representatives Thursday, September 18th.  


We hope you and your members can email members of the House today to urge their support. Here is the background:


The House Rules Committee has adopted a rule to govern debate on the bill, which is available at the Committee's website. We expect a handful of amendments to be offered on the House floor. The No Child Left Inside Coalition has taken a position in opposition to two amendments being offered by Rep. John Duncan of Tennessee .


The first Duncan amendment would reduce the authorized funding level for the National Environmental Education Act from $14 million to $9 million. The Coalition opposes any cuts to funding for environmental education, which is already woefully inadequate. The second Duncan amendment would eliminate the capacity-building grant program from the NCLI Act, removing a key section of the bill designed to improve and expand environmental education.


Please take a few minutes today to email members of Congress by clicking the below "Send a Message Now" button and ask them to:


1. Support H.R. 3036, the No Child Left inside Act; and


2. Oppose the two amendments by Representative Duncan to reduce funding for environmental education.




Finally, please forward this email to the members of your organization today to help generate more emails to the House.


We are now close to reaching a major milestone in our journey to improve how we teach kids about their natural world.


Thank you for your help and your support of environmental education!


Abby Ybarra

Grassroots Coordinator

No Child Left Inside Coalition




For more information on the NCLI Act or the NCLI Coalition, visit

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