Thursday, February 7, 2008

Job Op Miami

Subject: Miami-Dade County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Job Announcement
Environmental Resources Project Supervisor (Job Opening #4084- EEL Program)
Salary Entry: $48,337 – Max: $81,319 annually
Position is located in the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program of the DERM Director's Office, Downtown Miami.
Nature of the Work: This is a professional managerial position within the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program for the Department of Environmental Resources Management. Duties include supervising site managers, preparing budgets, monitoring revenues and expenditures, coordinating with partner agencies and overseeing the preparation of site management plans, plan implementation, public outreach activities and on-going site restoration and management activities.
Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Hydrology, Environmental Science or related field. Two years of professional experience in an environmental regulatory agency or two years of professional administrative experience involving environmental policies or issues to include grants administration, report development, project management, procedure development, education or enforcement are required. Must possess a valid driver's license.
Knowledge of South Florida ecosystems and native habitats, natural area restoration and land management, contract management, database management, and public finance is desired. Excellent communication and computer skills are preferred
Closing Date: Friday, February 8, 2008
Applicants can get access to employment opportunity notices or make an application by navigating to Interested individuals need to apply at that web address and send a copy of your resume to me at this e-mail address. Make sure you use the job number 4084 in your application.
Please direct any questions to me at 305-372-6471.
Thank you…
Cynthia Guerra
Program Director
Environmentally Endangered Lands Program

Miami-Dade County
Department of Environmental Resources Management
701 N.W. 1 Ct.
Miami, FL 33136

Phone: (305) 372-6471
Fax: (305) 372-6673

"Working to Preserve Our Environment"

Miami-Dade County is a public entity subject to Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes concerning public records.
E-mail messages are covered under such laws and thus subject to disclosure.

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